7 Secret Settings to Inspect Poor GPU Speed After Updating Windows

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CMOS Battery may not be functioning properly. Consult a technician or computer repair expert. If all of the above fail, the problem may be due to hardware damage.

How To Reset Pc Bios/cmos

You might have to plug in a “real” keyboard. Some BIOS’s can’t see USB keyboards and others have to be configured to recognize them — which you can only do with an old-fashioned DIN keyboard. I sure hope the previous commenters eventually solved their problems. I am happy to learn that my updating the BIOS was the culprit, as I have no problems now.

Way 2: Reset The Basic Input/output System (Bios)

Before you buy a new motherboard or recycle the machine, have a professional check it out to be sure. Nick Congleton has been a tech writer and blogger since 2015. His work has appeared in PCMech, Make Tech Easier, Infosec Institute, and others.

  • If, after following Leon’s advice, the BIOS continues to display the CMOS Checksum Error message, it means that you need to replace the CR2032 battery on the motherboard.
  • And finally in my opinion, Resetting or reinstalling Windows, will not fix CMOS checksum error.
  • The error appears when you try to start your computer.
  • If bios recovery and/or resetting bios to default setting doesn’t fix this problem, try to rollback to the previous bios version which worked good (do this using bios recovery method).
  • The CMOS checksum error is a standard system error that happens in Windows computers.

So either your onboard graphics are assigned 64MB or you have a 64MB RAM stick in there that’s not being recognized. Otherwise, if you’ve got two sticks of RAM (maybe one is 192MB and another 64MB) I think they might need to be of the same type (like DDR2 667Mhz) to work together.

Again, it is suggested to use the computer regularly to extend its battery life. After replacing the battery in the same orientation, you can replace the computer cover and tighten the screws. Remove the cover of the CPU or laptop using a star bit (Torx) screwdriver. It’s an easy-to-use and automated diagnostics disk. It’s available for Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

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Cmos Checksum Error After Wakeup (Solved)

It’s also available for Windows XP and Windows Server. Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows – our repair and recovery disk. Remove the power cord to make sure that your computer receives no power. If the battery is connected to an onboard header with a wire, disconnect the wire from the onboard header.