AMF Says Securities Fraud Probe Pre-Dates Amaya’s PokerStars Acquisition, Baazov Brother Implicated by Regulator

AMF Says Securities Fraud Probe Pre-Dates Amaya’s PokerStars Acquisition, Baazov Brother Implicated by Regulator

Josh Baazov, David Baazov’s elusive older brother, that is also a suspect in the AMF case against.

AMF, the Canadian financial regulator, yesterday executed search warrants against 13 new individuals suspected of alleged involvement in securities fraud Amaya that is concerning stock dating as far back as 2011, well prior to the company purchased PokerStars parent Oldford Group.

Among those is CEO David Baazov’s older brother, Ofer ‘Josh’ Baazov.

Before we’d had time for you to even fully digest the headlines that David Baazov was facing five criminal counts of insider trading, the AMF released its second bombshell for the day.

The regulator alleges that the 13 named individuals ‘traded whilst in possession of privileged information, or they leaked privileged details about prospective mergers and acquisitions involving Amaya Inc.

‘In all,’ in all, it continued, ‘they are speculated to have realized a profit of close to CA$1.5 million ($1.13 million) between 2011 and 2016.’

This suggests that the scope of the investigation predates the PokerStars acquisition and that AMF is probing previous instances of suspected insider trading in Amaya’s stock.

Amaya first went public on the TSX Venture Exchange in 2010, at $1 a share july. Last year, it purchased both Chartwell Technology and Cryptologic, although the deal that is latter maybe not finalized until very early 201 Continue reading “AMF Says Securities Fraud Probe Pre-Dates Amaya’s PokerStars Acquisition, Baazov Brother Implicated by Regulator”

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